1 Day Mombasa City Tour | 1 Day Mombasa Excursion

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1 Day Mombasa City Excursion

Mombasa is the most diverse town in all of Kenya; Kenyan's of all ethnic backgrounds and religions can be found: native Blacks, Asians, and Arabs who are Muslims, Christians, Hindu and Buddhists.The coastal countryside and its people offer a different perspective to Kenya’s tribal heritage. The Mombasa City Tour Excursion provides a glimpse into the traditions and cultures of the coastal people with a visit to a Giriama or Digo Village with our local guide. Continue to Kaloleni to visit the local market and thereafter drive to Kenya Marine land on the North coast, which offers an opportunity to observe numerous species of tropical marine life in giant aquariums. A snake park, situated nearby is also visited and you can watch carvers at work producing the famous “Makonde” pieces of art.

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