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Africa Greatest Wildlife Reserve

The Masai Mara ‘the seventh wonder of the world’, lies in the Great Rift Valley, Covering an area of over 1,500 square km, the Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Kenya and is the home to the biggest wildlife spectacle in the world, annual wildebeest migration which involves over 1.5 million animals arriving in July and departing in October.
Masai mara have been a home to over 95 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles and over 400 birds species than any other place in Africa, and it is for this reason a visitor hardly misses to see vast number different species in a short while (buffalo, elephant, leopard, giraffe, cheetah, jackal, lion, and rhino).In the recent years, we have witnessed the most historical, dramatic, exciting and sometimes interestingly frustrating episodes due to the effects of adversely changed weather patterns both in Mara and Serengeti. For instance; apart from the early stop of the rains in Serengeti, the un-seasonal weather of the last month has caused the wildebeest to continue moving in a rather abnormal patterns.

Zebras as usual mark the genesis of this gyratory exodus, in fact, the moment their hooves touch the waters of the Mara river, it marks the official instigate of undoubted endless annual pilgrim. Due to the rains in Mara, the herds are unlikely to speed up their march towards Mara River and Ol Keju Ronkai River in search of waterholes as it has been the case in the last few years when most of the waterholes in the Mara are dry. This also means the real thrilling river crossings might not start sooner than earlier anticipated.Although these is just the start of the most dramatic wildlife pilgrim on earth, the early start means there is a lot to be anticipated with more dramatic episodes expected to unfold as the migration continues.

Masai Mara is located in the South-western of Kenya, 290 kilometers from Nairobi. The abundance of wildlife and the remoteness of the reserve implants memories that no money can buy.Maasai Mara has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, tastes and interests. There are very basic campsites where you can pitch a tent and sleep under canvas in the wild, well appointed safari lodges, luxury tented camps with large king size beds, fully furnished tents, small private camps for your exclusive use and much, much, more.

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