Hike Kilimanjaro for Charity

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Hike Kilimanjaro for Charity

A number of our clients would like to make something charitable though climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We consider mountaineering Kilimanjaro is a ideal way to call awareness to plus raise money for a cause.

There have been a few extremely publicized, extremely doing well charity climbs in the past few years. American celebrities contribute money for global clean water through MTV's Summit on the Summit. UK celebrities took participation in The Red Nose Climb to raise money for Comic Relief, a British charity. And Hong Kong celebrities hiked Kilimanjaro with us in the Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge.
However you don't be required to be a celebrity to create dissimilarity. All you have a zeal for a fine cause plus the bravery to hike Kilimanjaro. Although we do not get part in fundraising, we can be able to surely arrange your hike. Basically book a private journey by us so we can modify your route to your exact requirements. Decide your dates. Prefer your route. We don’t have group range limit. We have set hiks for groups of extra 30 members. Once the tour is confirmed, you can begin looking for donations plus involving by your charity.

We will always perform our finest to carry you in your efforts to confirm you are successful, in conditions of fundraising plus all through the mountaineering itself, when you hike Kilimanjaro for charity.

Although it perhaps easier to connect a charity climb a trip operator has previously set up, we put off this unless the charity is one that is significant to you. Do not allow a climb operator decide a charity for you. Always prefer an organization that is special to you, by that you can be able to talk regarding your cause from your heart with possible donors.

In addition, a few trip operators charge far extra for your charity hike than you would pay to climb with us, exclusion possible donations from your cause. Defiantly, there is no such obsession as a at no cost climb obtainable by other outfitters. The money you raise is being used towards their expenses.